Relationship fights: 10 things to say instead
There are so many things I wish I did better when it comes to how to handle relationship fights.  Particularly[...]
Seasons change – and so do I
It’s Texas, and it’s still 100 degrees out, with no end in sight.  I love summer, and pool weather, and[...]
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Marriage (but I wish someone told me)
1. Your spouse is going to drive you crazy.   All those things you thought were super cute about your[...]
Arguments in Marriage: Say This, Not That
If only there were an Easy Button to help us say this, not that. When it comes to arguments in[...]
20 Questions Worth Asking Your Spouse
We took a trip several years ago in October.  If our marriage was in rough shape before we left, it[...]
New growth in marriage
Waiting for new growth is a gamble sometimes.  At what point do you call it quits on something (or someone)[...]
7 tips for summer lovin’ | Making time for your marriage
Making time for your marriage in the summertime is hard because it can feel like there’s no time for us.[...]
Build better belief
When G was 5, we had her in gymnastics.  A favorite treat after class was playing at the nearby park[...]
Say the right thing
It’s hard to say the right thing. It's so hard to say the right thing sometimes that my default is[...]
When you fall out of love (or when love is the last thing you feel)
I know I’m supposed to love you but I hate you right now. I wish I could tell you I’ve[...]
Spice up your marriage: 101 ways to say “I Love You”
There are a zillion fun ways to spice up your marriage that won't make you blush! Life is busy… complicated…[...]
Say What You Mean
I'm going to preface this by saying that for some people (me) it can feel really hard to say what[...]
Coffee Club: Making time for your marriage
Coffee club is one of my favorite happy places. Long before we had coffee club in our marriage, I hosted[...]
Curb Your Ego
I just wanted a nacho.     Grannie treated G to a tray of nachos at the ball game and they[...]
What Men Think Part 3: Honest Answers to Emotional Questions
I hope you're loving this series - it's been really fun to put together. (Check out Part 1 on Faith[...]
What Men Think Part 2: Honest Answers to Questions on Work/Life Balance
We're in the middle of an interview I did with my husband, Jack. If you missed Part 1 on Faith,[...]
What Men Think Part 1: Honest Answers to Questions on Faith
It's not what you think. I mean, it's a lot of the stuff we assume they're thinking, for sure. And[...]
Who am I? (and who do I want to be?)
I posted of my favorite graphics earlier today on social media.  I cannot even remember where I saw this a[...]
Valentines Day is Stupid (and other lies I told myself)
It’s dumb.  Really.   We've all been bamboozled into believing we need to spend billions (with a b, seriously) on roses[...]
Create your Marriage and Family Mission Statement
If you're aiming for nothing, you'll hit it - every time. We set goals for our work, our weight, our[...]
Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back
How's this for a little pep talk for your morning?! Yep, we're gonna talk about it - fear. Specifically our[...]
Let’s go: saying YES to a new adventure
God isn’t messing around when he says “Hop in, let’s go.” He said it to Noah. He said it to[...]
Fulfilling Your Vows Virtual Christian Marriage Summit
Happy New Year!  By this point you have likely created – and possibly abandoned – some great resolutions for 2019. [...]
I made you something!
So I posted a little teaser awhile back, a picture of our home-grown production studio in the front room of[...]
The Blame Game: Nobody Wins
They were just BLTs for goodness’ sake. I talked them up all day to my little people. And they were[...]
Burn the Plows (BTP)
Originally posted June 2018, revised June 2019 Late through the night before our 12th anniversary, we stood hunched over our[...]
Bringing Your Best (when all you’ve got is your worst)
A tough topic hit our home over the past couple days, one on which we go round and round the[...]
Keeping the Past from Wrecking the Present
We’ve known each other more than half my lifetime.  We've tackled most of our life challenges together but we still[...]
The Miscommunication Monster Ate My Marriage
The most ridiculous miscommunication (read: fight) we ever had was over a failed recipe. Well, it started over a failed[...]
Creating Meaningful Connection
We entered Team Sports World last year in our little guy’s introduction to tee-ball. Jack was on cloud nine –[...]
Marriage Recovery: 10 Things We Learned
The moment I walked in the door of our home after four days away, the smell knocked me back. I[...]

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