9 months out: bouncing back at thirty-something
All I ever wanted was to be a mom. Now as an adult, I realize that there are so many[...]
Memory Lane
Most days I just toss whole (soft) fruit and veggies on his tray for him to pick up and feed[...]
Lost and Found: a turn of the grief wheel
I don’t panic much anymore – life experience has taught me that it’s not much use.  But I panicked this[...]
How to get your kids to do chores with a family chore scavenger hunt
How can I get my kids to do chores?  This is actually the follow up question to my standing Monday[...]
5 things to remember when the news is scary
The news feels scary these days.  If it’s not the actual current events and politics, it’s the fire people are[...]
Create your Marriage and Family Mission Statement
If you're aiming for nothing, you'll hit it - every time. We set goals for our work, our weight, our[...]
Nine Years of Grace
I promised I would be present today. Fully present, for Grace. I also promised myself I would write about it.[...]
Leaning Back
I’m back. Well, I never really left, but life got a little wild. We’re all here and we’re all doing[...]
The Blame Game: Nobody Wins
They were just BLTs for goodness’ sake. I talked them up all day to my little people. And they were[...]
LEGACY SERIES Part 3: What I Really Want to Teach My Children
What do I really want to teach my children? One of the kids’ favorite morning cartoons tossed out the phrase[...]
What I’ve Learned: Lessons from Dad
Revised June 2019 We're coming up on Fathers Day, which is my favorite time of year to reflect on the[...]
LEGACY SERIES Part 1: Honor Those Who Have Gone Before Us
For most of us, Memorial Day has become an occasion for sleeping in, gathering with family and friends to eat,[...]
3 Ways to Keep it Real and Love Your Messy Life
Sometimes I am the most awesome woman/wife/mother/room mom/entrepreneur/leader/writer. Sometimes I don’t know science and help my child make a school[...]
Best Summer EVER: 15 Easy Summer Hacks to Max Out Your Fun and Save Your Sanity
Summer is HERE! Can you feel it?  8 days of school left here for our littles and they are all[...]
5 Ways Taking a Break Improves Your Life
Last Friday’s vocabulary word of the day was “hooky.” Before the judging gets out of hand here - we believe[...]
13 Fun Meals My Kids Will Actually Eat
I love to cook a great meal. Good, hearty, from-scratch, real-ingredients, no-skimp food. I love to eat it too, with[...]
Legos, Lice, and Letting It All Go – When Expectations Bust
After what is always a completely fulfilling Holy Week, I’m toast on Easter Monday. I had set my expectations for[...]
Adoption Surprises
[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]She was fat and pink and healthy and smelling of heaven and miracles. The ink was drying on our adoption[...]
Bucket filling
 Based on a recent poll on social media, this particular topic on bucket filling in our family was the winning[...]

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