Trust takes guts
Yesterday was our daughter’s birthday, which always brings me some extra thoughts and a little grateful overwhelm.  Being entrusted with[...]
Christmas presence: Stocking Stuffers 1-7
I have a present for you!  Well, presents, plural.  PRESENCE, actually. 31 little gifts of presence for the Advent season.[...]
Living with joy in difficult times
Welcome and thank you to guest author Jennifer Perez! Find her on Facebook @theencouragingmomblog, on Instagram @theencouragingmom, on her blog at[...]
Mother Warrior – a Mothers Day battle cry
Mothers Day is messy for me, a different kind of wonderful-hard-precious-messy every year. We've all got issues and I know[...]
Prayer: when the answer is no
Today I was supposed to be sharing a message with a community group for the National Day of Prayer. I[...]
To dust we shall return
I am no stranger to ashes. I whisper a love song to the ashes of the bone of my bone[...]
Waiting: an Advent meditation
A friend encouraged me to write on Advent this December, which seemed intriguing, and truthfully a little intimidating.  I’m never[...]
Seasons change – and so do I
It’s Texas, and it’s still 100 degrees out, with no end in sight.  I love summer, and pool weather, and[...]
Why I Write
There is something wonderfully intimate about written words.  When you look carefully at something handwritten, you can sense feeling in[...]
Lose Control (and find what you can count on)
Things I can control My attitude My spiritual life My communication My health My choices My investment into my relationships[...]
Lost and Found: a turn of the grief wheel
I don’t panic much anymore – life experience has taught me that it’s not much use.  But I panicked this[...]
What Men Think Part 1: Honest Answers to Questions on Faith
It's not what you think. I mean, it's a lot of the stuff we assume they're thinking, for sure. And[...]
Let’s go: saying YES to a new adventure
God isn’t messing around when he says “Hop in, let’s go.” He said it to Noah. He said it to[...]
Grace beyond measure
This post originally appeared as "Nine Years of Grace" on Heartfully Present in January 2019. I promised I would be[...]
Dreams in real life (MASH)
My children apparently know how to play MASH. I have no idea where they learned it, but it might be[...]
3 Ways to Keep it Real and Love Your Messy Life
Sometimes I am the most awesome woman/wife/mother/room mom/entrepreneur/leader/writer. Sometimes I don’t know science and help my child make a school[...]
Worry less, live more – how to enjoy the moment
The house was beautiful. The ocean blue paint was almost dry on the walls, chairs were set in our living[...]
Yes, the REAL Jesus
G: Mommy, why can’t we come to re|engage {our marriage group} with you? Me: Because baby, it’s awesome for grown[...]
Refined by Fire
We’re reading the One Year Bible with a group of amazing people and I can honestly say this is the[...]

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